Intentionally Caught Jacking Off - Wife & Friends Catch Husband

Have you ever though about being intentionally caught jacking off? I mean doing it in a place were you are sure to get caught? It's something I have done several times with girlfriends - just to see their reaction. I find it exciting and it has sometimes lead to amazing sex - although sometimes I've just been left feeling embarrassed. That's the chance you take I guess.

Wife and Friends Catch Husband

Caught Jacking in Shower - Watch Here

This video features a husband who is intentionally caught jacking off by his wife and her friends. The guy was taking a shower after a day at the beach and intentionally left the door ajar - knowing the three women would soon be arriving back at the apartment. He began stroking his hard cock and waited for them to get home. When he heard them come in, he closed his eyes and jacked it off harder, knowing they would soon be within sight of the bathroom door.

If you want to see this guy getting intentionally caught jacking off by his wife and her friends then follow the link below to watch the full-length video...

Intentionally Caught Video - Click Here

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