Sister In Law Caught Me Jacking Off in the Tub

"The day my sister in law caught me jacking off in the tub is a day I will never forget," John told us. "Jackie is my wife's sister and she was staying with us along with Barbara, another friend of my wife's. I thought they were all out for the day and was having a long soak in the tub. Thinking the house was empty I hadn't bothered to lock the bathroom door.

"After a few minutes soaking in the warm water I began feeling horny and my cock started to swell. I closed my eyes and began to slowly stroke my stiffening rod - thinking of nothing in particular, just enjoying the warm water and my hard cock. Before long I was completely lost in a world of erotic self-pleasure as I jacked myself into a frenzied state of excitement.

Caught me Jacking Off in Tub

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"I don't know what happened but I had a sudden feeling that something was wrong and I opened my eyes. I was startled to see Jackie and Barbara standing next to the bath and grinning down at me. I have no idea how long they had been standing there but they had obviously been enjoying the show. I was acutely embarrassed and began to mumble an apology.

"It was then that Jackie stepped forward and knelt next to the tub. Placing one hand over my mouth to quieten me she reached between my legs with the other and took over where my own hand had left off. With Barbara still watching intently Jackie began a firm and regular stroke up and down the length of my still solid cock. I couldn't believe that I was being jacked off by my sister in law while her friend watched!"

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Caught Jacking Off is a site featuring videos of guys caught jacking off by girls. The site stems from my experience of being caught jacking off. Here is my story...

Mary, my mom's friend, used to stay over sometimes and one day she caught me jacking off to porn when I thought the house was empty. I was so embarrassed but Mary was so cool - without saying a word she just walked over and started stroking my rock hard cock. I couldn't believe how soft her hand felt as she moved it up and down my shaft. I only lasted a couple of minutes before my balls tightened and I squirted buckets of cum all over her hand.

As Mary cleaned us both up she whispered to me that this would be our little secret and as far as I know she has never said a word about it to anyone. I will never forget what happened that day and I still think about it often. This site is dedicated to Mary and to all the guys who have ever been caught jacking off!

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